Michael called a doctor from your locator and got a fax machine.

Jayne waited on hold until her ear caught on fire, then hung up.

Steve is nervous about the idea of surgery, so he keeps postponing his consultation.

Maryann wants empathy, not a combative, rushed experience.

Tess spent millions on media, but did it result in appointments?

Andrew spent $300K on pay per click ads and can't tell you his cost-per-acquisition.

Rex can't tell the Board if Facebook is driving appointments.

Susan wonders if the front desk is answering the phone.

What if you could illuminate the patient journey from the first encounter with your brand to appointment booked?

Illuminate the patient journey from awareness to appointment and remove obstacles to conversion with Dancecard.


Dancecard lights up the patient journey and removes obstacles to conversion. We track which campaigns result in phone calls and appointments. Our desktop app guides the medical practice front desk through a consultative sales experience with your prospect. If they aren't ready to book an appointment, one click launches a lead nurturing campaign.


Dancecard Illuminate is a cloud-based call and appointment tracking system delivering Data Marketing insight that converts prospects to patients, and provides real time cost-per-acquisition data to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Track the patient journey from start to appointment

Measure metrics that help you target and refine your media

Adjust your message and media plan in real time

100% web-based, real-time data capture

Easy integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing, SiteCatalyst & Salesforce

Improve the results that matter: appointments booked



Dancecard Convert creates a permanent place for your brand on the medical practice desktop. It gives office staff simple but powerful tools to convert callers to patients

Streamlines patient engagement for front desk staff

Custom built & branded desktop app

App guides staff through consultative process

Capture outcomes, questions & concerns

Pre-loaded with custom marketing collateral

One click launches a lead nurturing program directly from app


We work with the best in the field of Life Sciences

Jake's attention is elsewhere. You're going to have to nurture this relationship.

They're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

If your prospective patient spent thousands of dollars at Nordstroms, the sales associate would bring the purchases to their front door, with a latte. And a smile. Not a five-minute hold and a frantic consult. Today's healthcare consumer expects to be treated as an important client, not just a patient.

So what does that mean? They don't want to have to work hard to get an appointment. They want personal, attentive service not just in the recovery room, but throughout the process. And they want to feel respected.

Let's Face It: This Sales Process Is Broken

Most medical practices think the sales process is really just an intake process. That's why it's okay to put prospects on hold, dump them into a phone tree, or hurry them off the phone so they can get back to their "real" job, which, frankly, isn't to be a consultative sales person. This does not help you convert

Consider that many procedures are elective, and you see how important the sales process is - a process should be a series of micro-conversions designed to create trust and build momentum, and one that removes all obstacles to the desired outcome.

Lucie has high expectations of service in every aspect of her life including health care.

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